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Omar Blue and K-9 Town, USA
About the Book

When mighty Doberman Omar Blue and his pack of fierce canines form K-9 Town, USA, predators await them, but they are in for a big surprise. Fearless to a fault, the pack survives by their love for each other, and for their new home. While the canine Elders and puppies settle in, there’s no end to the adventure.

What would make Dirty Sam the Grizzly have second thoughts about attacking the female Elders? Why would Coyote Red think he and his pals could tear down the wedding space even before Rottweiler Brady the professor and Poodle Sophie Jean the schoolmarm have their wedding? What are those naughty puppies up to? If that isn’t enough, whose hiding behind The Big Oak Tree now?

The K-9 Town canines are always ready for a challenge, but it’s Omar’s keen and somewhat mysterious wit that usually prevails.

Series: Omar Blue Saga, Book 1
Genre: Fantasy
Publication Year: 2011
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About the Author
O. Warfield

Born in Brooklyn, New York, but residing in Virginia for many years, O. Warfield recently retired from Virginia State Government after 27 years of service and additional employment in private sectors of New York.

Throughout the years her dedication to community service never faltered. O. continues to coordinate and participate in fundraisers contributing to human and animal well-being.

O. Warfield likes nothing better than reading before audiences, such as children and veterans in hospitals and libraries, the elderly, groups with special needs and wherever there is a need for a diversion, such as the fantasy world her listeners find themselves entering.

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