Fantazia: The Club You Won’t Want To Leave

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Fantazia: The Club You Won’t Want To Leave
About the Book

Fantazia is a fantasy romance with a bit of kink by Julie Nicholls

Fantasies hidden so deep she won’t admit to them, even to herself.

Elsa is very good at lying…to herself. She works every day then comes home every night to wine and her beloved paranormal romance book boyfriends. Wash, rinse, repeat. The thirty-five year old is locked in a cage of her own design, convincing herself she’s happier this way. Safer this way. The sexy men found between the pages of a book will never hurt her, look disparagingly at her figure, or leave her for a younger woman. And if her sexual needs mean she has to take matters into her own hands? Well…a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

Her master plan, though, is beginning to fray around the edges along with her nerves. Tense, envious of her assistant’s seeming contentment, and suspicious of her subordinate, Elsa is miserable under her carefully constructed façade. Until fate and a flickering light bulb conspire to bring her face to face with a gorgeous janitor determined to force her to confront her issues and let go of her fears at Club Fantazia.

Unable to dismiss her attraction to Jasper, and curious about the mysterious club, Elsa is tempted. Will big brown eyes and a brawny physique be enough to break down her walls of self-preservation? And what about that extremely annoying mind-reading ability he has? It’s enough to make a girl reach for an extra glass of Merlot.

Once inside Fantazia, Elsa’s life, as she knows it, will change forever. What happens when she learns she doesn’t have to choose between the angel on one side and the devil on the other? She learns she can have both. Lucky, lucky woman.

So what are you waiting for? Put that fantasy romance book down and get yourself over to Fantazia, the club you won’t want to leave.

Elize Love also publishes as Julie Nicholls
Other genres available by this Author who writes as Julie Nicholls
Fantasy Romance, Fantasy angels, new adult, dark urban, teen & young adult, erotica

Genres: Erotica, Short Stories
Publication Year: 2015
ASIN: B011P3O5H4
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About the Author
Julie Nicholls

I'm English and currently reside in Bulgaria with my husband and our two fur babies, Kira & Mishka. Each day I write or create art-something I do with passion. Living in rural Bulgaria gives us peace and quiet, and wine. We're surrounded by vineyards and glorious views, for which I’m truly grateful. Perfect surroundings for a writer.


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