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Asper Blurry is an author of “Train to the Edge of the Moon”, poet, thinker, seeker and traveler who talks about her adventures and inner demons on her blog “Despicable Diary On The Run”. She often finds herself in places of different dimensions and cruel whispers, far from the dreamland. But that’s the price she pays for her creations, yet she keeps writing because of this artistic force inside her heart and mind.

Her voice is genuine, blunt and raw, sometimes poetic and mysterious. She writes freely about our ordinary life and the reality of modern, young people. She’s not afraid of addressing controversial issues such as addictions, depression and intolerance. She’s convinced that if her writing touches your soul or makes you feel something, all those nights spent in the darkness on the other side will be worth it.

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Train to the Edge of the Moon

Train to the Edge of the Moon

Genre: Contemporary
Punk is no ordinary millennial who takes the life as it is. She has a nasty habit of getting in troubles, she shows the middle finger to prejudice and stupidity, she fights against her broken identity and darkness of her soul. She goes against the stream with her heavy, tight shoes, but she still tries to be a better person. More info →
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